This program was designed to be able to train at home, with minimal to no equipment! Especially during this COVID-19 isolation. I have put together a combination of my favorite and scientifically proven booty building exercises! As well as a well-rounded core strengthening and stretching routine. These 4 weeks of workouts are SURE to give you amazing results and keep your mental and physical health in check during this difficult time.


We will get through this together!! And come out even stronger!!


I hope you have as much fun training this program as I did making it for you 🤗


The equipment you will need: Your body weight will do, but I highly recommend using resistance bands and weights like dumbbells or kettlebells if you have them available! 
Thank you for your support! It means the 🌍 to me!
Stay safe
Stay sane

Push yourself
Happy training 💪

Booty & Core Building Guide