Counting your macro nutrients goes a step farther than just counting your calories. In order to lose weight efficiently you need to make sure you are in a caloric deficit. And counting your macronutrients will do just that! Your macros  are made up of the protein, carbs and fat you consume daily that make up your daily calorie intake. By me providing these ratios to you we are ensuring we are fuelling your body with EXACTLY what it needs. We then have weekly updates to ensure that we are on the right track, in these updates you will include your body weight for the week along with progress pictures to ensure that you are losing fat. The number on the scale isn’t the best indicator of fat loss! We will basically be doing a total body recomposition by replacing your fat with muscle :) each week your macros may not change depending on how your body is handling the amount of calories you are eating but with the combination of weight training, cardio and macro counting it doesn’t take long to see amazing results. 

This may sound confusing and overwhelming but I do have PDF documents explaining exactly how to do this. And all of this is Tracked through an app called my fitness pal!  

Online Macronutrient Coaching